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1 KarenMason Many locals would not be able to get to or be able to afford the cost of getting to other cinemas.
2 JonnyWare  
3 BeckyRainbow  
4 AndrewBeard  
5 gilliancooper Don't build a multiplex the small cinemas support local jobs and economy not mega company in america. Keep it small and friendly not big and ugly.
6 cath.jamie@tiscali.co.ukRaybould  
7 SallyHogden Glad to have this opportunity. Saw one film and a live theatre transmission this week in Cromer. Looking forward to next visit.
8 RachelWeaver  
9 StaceyGuthrie We are a local family who attend Penzance and Redruth cinema regularly and are appalled at the prospect of both these lovely cinemas being under threat from a multiplex. Please do not allow our small businesses to be further eroded by huge corporations.
10 DanielRowe I will always back small firms, especially our local ones. Not only will this take business away from this cinema, but in the whole it will take money out of Cornwall, how is that good for us?